$4.4 Million Ransom Paid To Russian Hackers

In the most recent cyber security attacks, Russian intelligence hijacks the email system of a United States government agency. Moscow has sped up numerous cyberattacks launched against American entities. These latest cyber-attacks come on the heel of President Joe Biden and President Vladimir Putin’s scheduled showdown.

With the most recent cyber hack, Microsoft and other private cyber-security firms exposed the latest cybersecurity breach carried out by Russian hackers. Russia’s S.V.R. is one of the most prominent criminal hacking groups responsible for several cyberattacks on American networks over the past decade. This group of hackers infiltrates communications databases for the United States Agency for International Development.

Several human rights groups and nonprofit organizations are their intended victims. Targeted recipients received malware that potentially accesses their computer networks.

Microsoft, which has been the target of several cyber attacks in recent months, neutralized this latest cyber-attack done by fake emails. Microsoft improved protection received credits; this shows the company protection strategy to shield government networks is quite effective. Microsoft’s cybersecurity action against the latest cyber breach carried out by Russian hackers prevented a catastrophic disaster.

Russian hackers hacked 18,000 government and private sector networks, according to cyber security analysts that track cyber breaches. This latest cyber-attack showed that routine software updates of government agencies and private companies are easy targets of criminal hackers.

The Colonial Pipeline gas company is the latest victim of Russian ransomware. With this cybersecurity attack, the criminal hackers attack incited panic-buying, shuttering gas stations across many American cities. Colonial Pipeline paid a $4.4 million ransom to the Russian hackers.

The most recent cyber breach highlighted that solution to prevent the influx of cyberattacks from Russia remains subpar. This recent cyberattack is among the malicious SolarWinds attack in recent months. With the SolarWinds cyber attack, it disrupted software supply chains such as the largest tech giant Microsoft.

President Joe Biden and President Vladimir Putin will meet on June 16 in Geneva. The United States of America and Russia are notable at odds with each other; Ukraine and human rights issues should dominate this highly anticipated meeting between the two world powers.

Russia’s newest cache of nuclear weapons boasted to be superior to America’s military weaponry should be a hotly debated issue. Biden and Putin come face to face on the world stage in a few days. On June 16, 2021. The entire world will be watching!