Hackers Attack Russia; Support Ukraine

International Anonymous Hackers Attack Russia

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The international Anonymous hacking group pledged its support to Ukraine. This comes in light of wide scale support for the embattled country that is now fighting to keep their sovereign nation free from Vladimir Putin’s army. Since the attack of Russia that started three days ago, the dark web hackers have vowed to remain in fortitude with Ukrainians.

In the most recent news since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, reports state that numerous key Russian administration sites have mysteriously disconnected from the Internet. Additionally, on Saturday, the hacked websites continue to encounter difficulty accessing the World Wide Web.

In the meantime, the adversarial attack by President Putin had scores of world leaders denouncing the war, and imploring the Russian leader to end his military onslaught on the sovereign nation. Over the past three days, numerous news sources have revealed that about 200 Ukrainian civilians and soldiers have lost their lives. The news outlets have also affirmed that the intensified war is currently centered around the Ukrainian city of Kyiv, which is crucial to Putin toppling elected Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Hackers Sabotage Russia

On Saturday, it was accounted that the Anonymous hacking group had managed to keep some top Russian government websites off the Internet. The affected websites targeted by the onslaught launched by the hackers are the country’s Ministry of Defense and the Kremlin.

However, Russia had denied that the disconnection was caused by hackers. So for now, the blackout on Russian sites remains unclear, but Anonymous asserted liability regarding the hack assault on the Russian premier entities.

The renowned hacking group released this statement “Anonymous has ongoing operations to keep .ru government websites offline and to push information to the Russian people so they can be free of Putin’s state censorship machine,” the hackers posted the update on the Twitter platform.

Hackers Pledge Ukraine Support

In addition, while a Russian spokesperson denied the recent hack, on Friday, similar Russian websites seemed disconnected from the Internet for some time. However, the Kremlin continues to deny that its website and other government sites were hacked by Anonymous. In any case, as indicated by the Russian state news sources, the pivotal websites remain inaccessible since the war started three days ago.

And keeping in mind that while the elusive hacking group is hell bent on disrupting the Russian government, the international Anonymous hackers pledged their support for Ukraine in this statement: “To keep the Ukrainian people online as best we can.”