Recent Cyber Attack – Stormshield Clients’ Account Hacked

Cyber Security Firm Victim of Most Recent Cyber Attacks

The cybersecurity company Stormshield suffered a massive hacking breach. In one of the most recent cybersecurity attacks, the company loses its critical source code to an orchestrated cyber attack.

Stormshield provides cybersecurity solutions for thousands of companies against cyber threats launched daily by criminal hackers. However, when breaches against the guardian are successful, it raises questions about the technological advancement of cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity analysts revealed the latest attack shows that highly experienced unscrupulous hackers executed this new attack.

Stormshield’s executives are now scrambling to do damage control since the incident happened in December 2020. The French-based cybersecurity firm leaked source code targets its Stormshield Network Security; and Network Security Industrial Firewall products.

The fallout could have devastating consequences as technical exchanges with personal data were targeted by malicious hackers. With the unauthorized access, the portal revealed that private information were stolen by criminal hackers.

Since the cyber breach, the firm has informed the French authorities, who launched an investigation into the attack. The company had reset the password for all its clients’ accounts and fortified its security measures.

Stormshield’s customers can still access the portal as its IT engineering team works to upgrade all its SNS products with new and fortified security certificates. Also, Stormshield’s Institute platform clients will now access instructional classes on its upgraded portal.

Stormshield conducted an analytic review that shows how the criminal hackers meticulously launched their new form of cyberattack. Its report shows that the criminals only accessed 2% of its customer accounts. However, with cybersecurity breaches, the affected accounts – 200 out of over 10,000, are enough to cause significant devastation for the company and its clients.

And while ongoing investigation shows that, as of late, there are no signs of alteration to the stolen SNS source code. But, it is still too early to ascertain the level of future devastation this cyber-attack could cause.

Stormshield’s published update advises its customers to conduct an impact analysis as a precautionary measure. Accordingly, its client base reported no immediate operational impact.

A precautionary measure introduced stated that ANSSI had decided to place all SNS and SNI products under observation.

Stormshield provides significant security administrations to the French government. This hacking attack highlights that for 2020 and 2021, cyber criminals have already joined forces to carry out more debilitating hacking attacks on Internet users.

Highly publicized cyber-attacks on big companies have always raised concerns about the level of cybersecurity provided to these entities. However, when high profiled cybersecurity companies become the victim of cyber-attack breaches, it is particularly worrying. This cyber breach is the latest attack on a major Internet security company, but it, no doubt, will damage this company’s reputation.

For prospective clients, it will be hard to hire ethical hackers from certified cyber-security companies. However, it is best to use due diligence when hiring a cyber-security firm to protect your business from the most recent cyber attacks.