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The dark web is another world all to itself! This is where you can hire a hacker, however, if that is your intent. And although unknown to the vast majority of Internet users; the dark web is quite popular with individuals, who dare to venture into the deep abyss of the dark web.

There are two ways to get to the dark web and surf anonymously, you could used the onion browser, or you could opt for the more utilized dark web browser. This article explains how to access the darkweb through the Torbrowser and Onion Router.

Tor Download

Click on the link below to download the only browser that guarantees your privacy online. Tor download link.

Tor Browser Update

February 2022 Tor Project Updates

New Release: Tor Browser 11.0.6 (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android)

New Release: Tor Browser 11.0.5 (Android)

Hire a hacker on dark web

From link above download and installed the Tor browser. Then copy the deep web link below to browse.

Be mindful that only the Tor browser app can access this link.
In addition, there is the OG dark web hacking service called “Rent-a-hacker” that exists for many years.

To access the rent a hacker site, download the Tor browser app and go to: