Apple Files Lawsuit Over iPhone Hack

Apple patches exploit attributed to Pegasus - The Hindu

Apple iPhone Hacked By Pegasus Spyware

Israel NSO hacking group devastating attack involves the Apple iPhone, just a few weeks ago. Apple Inc recently reported on the crippling Pegasus Spyware hack done by Israel NSO hackers. The recent cyber hack involved the iPhone of nine employees linked to the U.S. State Department.

The security breach involves hackers carrying out the hack with the sophisticated Pegasus spyware by the Israeli NSO Group. According to familiar sources, the hacks lasted several months targeting US officials in Uganda and other East African countries.

The iPhone hacking incident prompted Apple to notify users compromised by the NSO hack. Apple has since distributed plans to inform victims of last week’s major hack after Apple sued the NSO Group. The Israeli organization purportedly broke U.S law by selling spyware designed to hack into the iPhone.

As of now, Apple will identify targeted users and send a ‘Threat Notification’ correspondence. Those affected will receive an email as long as the user utilizes the Apple ID.

Analytical reports state the US employees were chosen based on their locations. Apple’s support document shows the highly trained hackers were not just run-of-the-mill cyber criminals. The State-sponsored hackers launched their attack with the very best resources that effectively target their intended targets. The NSO hackers stealthily launched their assault, which was hard to detect and difficult to prevent.

Some cybersecurity analysts revealed that state-sponsored hackers are immensely complex, with millions of dollars at their disposal. However, while the heavily cashed hackers may not target the vast majority of people, their attacks are still exceptionally devastating. The lawsuit filed against the NSO Group claimed that Apple leases its resources and technology to legitimate governments. Apple insists its resources are for tracking criminals, enforcing laws, and protecting state interests.

Apple stated that the NSO Group facilitated the precise opposite of its core objective with its victims of espionage. The targeted individuals have not been criminals or terrorists, but members of civil society, students, writers, journalists, legitimate political opposition and advocates, etc. All of them, hacked by governments through the spyware, ‘Pegasus’.

According to cybersecurity analysts, there are no international controls over spyware companies like the NSO Group. This kind of cyber hacking was expected by cybersecurity personnel that tracks criminal hackers.

Reportedly, the Pegasus spyware reign of terror has long been underway. In 2017, NBC News announced that the spyware targeted lawyers, government officials, anti-corruption activists, and even prominent journalists. The Pegasus spyware first came to light in research done by the Toronto University.

That report shows that the Saudi government partnered with a close ally in the United Arab Emirates. The unsuspecting targets were three specific women who opposed it: A Saudi equestrian, Emirate human rights activists, and Lebanese broadcaster.

With the Apple hacking incident, the Biden administration limits NSO Group access to USA technology without permission for export and trade.