Magecart Attacks; Hire an Ethical Hacker – Protect Your Business

About the Magecart Credit Card Skimming Cyber-attacks

A multi-platform credit card skimmer that singles out online stores is on the rise. Its targets are typically stores based on popular platforms, like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Woocommerce. The skimmer, linked to the Magecart group, does this by harvesting payment details on these under-protected stores, draining away hundreds of dollars. Before unsuspecting customers even start surfing these stores, their credit card info is already stolen. Without proper cybersecurity in place, these online eCommerce platforms troubles continue to mount, they’ve found themselves in scalding hot water.

August 31st marks the date the first of several exfiltration domains were registered by the skimmer, signaling that the Magecart campaign has been pushing this compromising agenda indefinitely.

Otherwise known as Magecart Script: The skimmer can target platforms that do not even allow or use custom Javascript on their checkout pages. While this may sound absurd, the Magecart Script does this with a phony payment page before customers reach the actual checkout form. From there, it uses a keylogger to intercept the customer’s data.

The minute a customer enters their credit card information, the skimmer shows an error, then harvest their information quickly. The script then redirects buyers to the genuine payment page; thus, avoiding suspicion in the process.

Ethical Hackers Protect Businesses from Cyber Criminals

For now, it is currently unclear how the aggressors managed to undermine multiple e-commerce platforms. However, one can assume that they breached a shared component such as a commonly used software to do so.

As of late, a credit card info stealer script used CSS code to hide in plain sight as it carried out its invasion of privacy and cybertheft. These latest cyberattacks attest that the Magecart war on e-commerce hubs radically increase during the holiday season.

Some might think this to be the extent of the cyber-criminals, but even as far as Black Friday, these hackers launched several debilitating attacks on online businesses. Most eCommerce online companies suffered dramatically with the malware released onto multiple Magento online stores. The criminal hackers programmed these cyber attacks for automatic activation on the Magento based stores every day. Thus, the magnitude of this recent cyber-attack is monumental.

Unfortunately, these cyber-attacks will only continue if platforms such as Woocommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento, to name a few, do not plug such loophole. Thus, the service of ethical hackers that will protect businesses from criminal hackers is the only solution for cyber hacking problems.

Hire an Ethical Hacker to Protect Clients’ Private Info

If these hacking scripts can bypass being discovered by automated security scanners, then the future for online mega-stores hang in the balance. Individuals want to make sure that their private information remains secured to continue shopping on the Internet. And online businesses must provide that sense of security to their customers. Online small and medium-sized companies could collapse if their clients’ private information ends up in the hands of cyber-criminals.

So long as experts are stumped, the Magecart crusade will continue to find innovative strategies to dodge detection as much as possible. Accordingly, specialists warn consumers to be extra vigilant and use two-factor authentication, along with virtual cards for each monetary transaction.

Furthermore, online organizations must routinely evaluate all third-party vendors’ security plan. To prevent cyber attacks on companies’ private files; the best solution is to hire an ethical hacker.