Hackers Wanted by FBI – US$15 Million Bounty

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Conti Hackers Stole $150 Million in Ransoms

Conti criminal hackers have amassed a huge profit since they first emerged from the deep abyss of the dark web. Now, the malicious threat actors linked to some of the most successful ransomware hijacks are quickly running out of options – Freedom. The ransom hunters have become the prey, with the USA justice system hunting the hacking group for US$15 Million. With the handsome bounty offered by the US on Friday, the hunt has begun for the capture of the members of the Conti hackers.

The offered reward which tabulates to roughly Rs. 115 crore; it would be awarded to anyone who has information on the notorious Conti ransomware group that has been tracked to Vladimir Putin’s country.

The Russian hackers are one of the most dangerous threat actors that operate from the depths of the deep web. Conti over the years has been linked to numerous ransomware extortion attacks that have wreaked havoc on countless companies around the world.

Ransomware Nets 1,000 Victims

According to Ned Price of the US State Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which has been tracking the dangerous Russian hackers estimated that since 2019, Conti has stolen well over US$150 Million from over 1,000 victims. The Conti hacking group is renowned for launching some of the most malicious ransomware, and collected the US equivalent of Russian Rubles (Rs. 1,154 crore), according to the released statement by the spokesperson.

The United States is on a mission to prevent ransomware gangs from stealing millions of dollars annually from victims that span the globe. The reward demonstrates that America is committed to protecting potential ransomware hackers from enriching themselves by exploiting victims, which are mainly businesses.

$15 Million Bounty

For the leaders of the cyber criminal group, anyone with information that leads to their arrest is set to pocket a cool $10 million (roughly Rs. 77 crore). Additionally, other associates from the dangerous hacking group dubbed Conti.Ads have a bounty price tag of $5 million (roughly Rs. 38 crore).

As reported by the FBI, in 2021, the Conti hacking group infiltrated more than 16 US medical facilities and disrupted their service networks across the United States of America.

So far, in April 2022, the Conti dark web hackers have wreaked havoc across Costa Rica by targeting its tax services and logistics platforms. The ransomware attack crippled foreign trade between the South American country and its global trade partners.