Microsoft Exploited Every Two Hours By Hackers

Recent Cyber Attack Targets Microsoft Email Server

Cyberattackers are attacking Microsoft every two hours. These criminals are busy targeting the slow mitigation patch processes utilized for the Microsoft Exchange Server.

On March 12, Microsoft revealed information about the ransomware branded as DearCry. This latest ransomware utilizes Microsoft’s Exchange vulnerabilities in their attacks. The DearCry ransomware reminisces the 2017 WannaCry cyberattack breaches. 

In the latest cyberattack news, Microsoft is once again in focus. The giant tech company recently had over 30,000 of its clients’ emails compromised by criminal hackers. Previously in 2020, Microsoft became the target of the Solarwinds hacking attack. It is responsible for numerous cybersecurity breaches targeting companies in Italy, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Microsoft’s latest hack came to focus when cybersecurity analysts identified a Chinese group that hacked into the Exchange software; the company’s mail and calendar server programs.

The hacking group identity linked them to the Chinese government is incredibly high, especially with spying done primarily on American targets. The Exchange Server email software latest upgrade detected and blocked previous hacking attempts. However, the slow process allowed for more cybersecurity breach attacks almost every two hours. This security breach prompted for an update of all USA government systems.

A statement issued by CISA reinstated that upgraded security is necessary, especially with the recent cyberattacks on Microsoft, which highlighted that hackers are more persistent in their attacks, even on a reputable secured company’s software.

Analysts tracking cyberattacks reported that hackers are spying on a wide range of American targets. Organizations targeted are disease researchers, defense contractors, manufacturing, financial services, military and a number of Government entities are the current targets.

Additionally, reported a recent hack by criminal hackers. While there has been no indication of significant exploitation of government computer networks, this announcement marks the second time the U.S. addressed widespread hacking campaigns. All under the impression of the attacks being the work of foreign government spies.

There is still the SolarWinds incident to address after the suspicion of a Russian group breaking into the software managing company. An attack that breached nine federal agencies and more than 80 private companies- just in February alone.

ESET, the Slovakian cybersecurity firm, on Twitter confirmed that multiple hacker groups exploited the same vulnerabilities in the older versions of Microsoft’s Exchange software.

Exceptional insight proves that global hacking attacks are more advanced than those related to the new wave of virus attacks.

The criminal hackers used four distinct “zero-day” exploits, rare digital tools that easily slip by software developers, giving them no days to prepare fixes.

Cyber attacks are more devastating than in the previous years of 2019 and 2020. The new and improved types of cyber hacks are something to watch out for as cybercrime across the globe continues to evolve in 2021- not just in America.