Hackers Steal Bitcoin From ATMs

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Latest Bitcoin Hack 2023

Keeping up with the most recent information regarding hackers looking to compromise the security of several online organizations and individuals is crucial. The only foolproof way to stop dark web hackers from stealing your precious information and assets is to understand the hazards involved with online criminals.

You can prevent yourself from falling victim to cyber crime by keeping up with the most recent hacking techniques utilized by threat actors. Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of cyber security news might therefore constitute the difference to not surrendering your most private information to dark web cyber criminals.

In the most recent Bitcoin hack, one of the top producers of Bitcoin ATMs, General Bytes, who has solidified its reputation in the industry became the primary target of deep web hackers.

Amid the most recent reports about Bitcoin hacking, the business recently disclosed that criminals had stolen from its customers over $1.5 million in Bitcoin by taking advantage of a zero-day vulnerability discovered in the company’s administrative platform for BATMs.

The General Bytes Bitcoin ATMs let users trade more than 40 different cryptocurrencies by using the cloud service it provides to customers. General Bytes is just one of the many independent digital currency business servers that clients utilize to remotely control their ATM machines.

The business disclosed over the weekend that hackers had used their ATM’s master console to successfully deploy a malicious Java program. As a result, the hackers violated the ‘batm’ user rights by using the zero-day flaw known as BATM-4780.

How to Prevent Bitcoin Hacking

Since Bitcoin has grown to be more expensive than the US dollar, instances of hackers stealing this digital currency from online wallets had already increased dramatically. So, protecting your digital assets is crucial given the sharp increase in cryptocurrency theft. Given that Bitcoins are now the most widely used type of digital currency, it is not surprising that hackers are constantly looking for new targets.

Hackers have taken substantial quantities of digital currency from trusting users throughout 2022 and in 2023. This has had a significant impact on the cybersecurity sector, with a number of businesses and organizations taking even tighter preventative measures to safeguard their clients. Yet, new dangerous software is always being developed by hackers to circumvent existing cyber security measures.

The most recent hacking strategies are growing more sophisticated and challenging to counter, according to cyber analysts’ findings. As a result, it suggested that Bitcoin investors keep up with all cyber security precautions necessary to maintain their online safety.

How to Protect Bitcoin from Hackers

According to statistics, during the past ten years, fraudsters have stolen Bitcoin valued at many millions of dollars from exchanges and consumers. Additionally, because digital currency is hard to track and is becoming more and more appealing to hackers owing to its unregulated nature, there is no remedy if it is stolen by cyber criminals.

You must secure your wallet against dark web hackers if you possess Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.
Use two-factor authentication to safeguard your bitcoin investments, and look for websites like Binance that provide secure cryptocurrency wallets.

Stay abreast of the most recent hacking news as well, so that you are informed of any prospective threats that might materialize.