Hackers US$611 Million Heist

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The Anonymous cyber group that ripped off approximately $611 million in cryptocurrency has a partial change of heart. Astonishingly, they returned a little of the stolen money. However, this heist should go down in the Guinness book as the largest cyber attack in history.

Thousands of crypto owners that are members of a ‘ well secured’ cryptocurrency platform had their cryptocurrency account wiped out by one of the largest cyber heist in decentralized money history.

Poly Network is the victim of this latest cyber security breach as revealed by the company. Now the cryptocurrency platform is begging the hackers to return the stolen money. In another turn of event, they have even went further to offer the criminal hackers top jobs with the company.

In a strange twist of faith, the plea from Poly Network somehow melts the ice cold hearts of the hackers. Following the heartfelt plea after the massive theft, the company was greeted with a message that the funds would be returned. Poly Network provided instructions to the hackers, and by Wednesday afternoon, US$260 million of the $US611 million was returned, according to Reuters.

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Xiamen Slowmist Technology, a Chinese blockchain security firm, revealed that it had uncovered the hacker’s IP address and email information. In a blog post for Medium, the firm explained how the hackers took advantage of a ‘weak point’ in Poly Network’s code. With this new unprotected ‘gateway’ the hackers transfer cryptocurrency without being detected.

Poly Network’s incident is one of the latest in a string of cyber attack for 2021. Another large security breach had hackers stealing more than US$400 million in early 2021.

The latest cyber hacks could usher in new restrictions on the cryptocurrency market. This is because digital currencies have been left largely unregulated in the USA and many other countries – except China. This has left prices open to manipulation and thousands of unprotected investors, like sheep to the slaughter, the next intended victims of criminal hackers.