Latest Tor Browser 11.5 New Features

Tor Browser 11.5 is now available with greatly improved features that tout a ton of additional capabilities for simpler usage. The latest release also boasts more privacy, meanwhile giving website users anonymous surfing that allows them to get around censorship.

For decades, the Tor Project has been synonymous with Internet privacy that blocks third party websites from tracking online surfers. It has responded to the need for total anonymity from cookies that are used to track consumers every move.

The Onion Router is the main component of the Tor network; its main focus is on privacy access as it offers a unique layer of encryption; it is the only portal that offers anonymous access to private online surfing. Especially, with hesitation always deterrent when it comes to exploring the dark web, which is not entirely as scary in some aspects.

However, those who are intrigued by the other side of the Internet can visit the deep web, which hosts a plethora of marketplaces selling mostly illegal stuff. Or if you are just curious you can use the Onion Router to safely navigate the mind-boggling communities of the deep web.

What does The Onion Router do?

The Onion Router can be used with a VPN service, but it can diligently work on its own to encrypt every traffic flowing through its multi-layered network. In addition, the Onion Router’s complex layer of security is built just like the onion you use in your cooking, thus, it can effortlessly provide privacy privileges for its millions of Internet users.

However, the objective of such action depends on its exit nodes that utilized relay data using a protected connection. Internet users must download the Tor browser from to access the privacy created Onion Router, as this is the only way to safeguard their identity online. The uniqueness of search terms can only be achieved when rerouted through network nodes, which is only accessible by downloading the Tor browser.

New Tor Browser Automatic Updates

Recently, the team released Tor Browser 11.5, which boasts quite a few enhanced features with its connection capabilities. However, the most notable new improvement is to enable Internet users to evade website censorship filtering.

After being tested, the enhanced configurations demonstrated that the search strings filter will become challenging for prying websites to block the Tor browser’s newest privacy features. In addition, utilizing the most recent version enables the “Connection Assist” function. This new feature automatically allows Geo-locations configuration through the Default Setting of the HTTPS Tor Browser version 11.5, assigned by default.

“Connection Assist” country-specific alternatives ascertain users’ whereabouts, which is now the “HTTPS-Only Option” taking the place of the HTTPS-Everywhere extension found in older versions of the Tor browser. According to the team, the brand-new Tor browser 11.5 guarantees that communication via its encrypted tunnel is impenetrable at all times.

Tor Browser Blocks Hackers

Furthermore, the new upgrades prevent rogue exit relays, which fully offer protection that disallows man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks and SSL stripping. These are usually the most active hacking done by threat actors, in order to gain access to unprotected computer networks.

In the new Tor Browser 11.5, the previous Network Options menu is now “Connection Settings”. Above all, the Tor browser is now easier to navigate, as its modification is now quite simpler to comprehend with features for automated connection found in the bridge settings.

More enhanced security configurations even boast a setting for emojis, and the Bridges allows for optimal visualization of the new interface. Now, with the Tor browser, search engines can more easily distinguish the settings for the Onion Router.

To gain access, the most recent Tor Browser 11.5 version must be downloaded for all OS networks inclusive of Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.