Android Phone Hacks: Microsoft Targets Hackers

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iOS and Android Protected by New MDE Software

Consistent targeting of Android smartphones and iOS devices by criminals from the dark web has prompted Microsoft IT professionals to find a solution for the growing issue. The tech giant has found a way to work with telecommunication businesses to curtail the devastating scams carried out by dark web hackers against their clients.

Currently, the fault lies with many unpatched Zero-day vulnerabilities found in Android and iOS software, which have continually led to ongoing exploitation of victims’ devices, where criminals infiltrated and stole critical information from these tech gadgets that they used in phishing, hacking, and ransomware scam attacks.

The number of complaints filed each year with law enforcement officials clearly shows the majority of security issues. Researchers revealed that these software flaws have affected the Android and iOS devices of many customers. Now, protection comes in the form of a new software where Microsoft unveiled a collection of clever security solutions.

Microsoft’s MDE Blocks Hackers

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) was revealed recently in a public preview, which showcases all its safety features that are touted as the best weapon against dark web hackers. Thus, the new product should give telecommunication customers some crucial reprieve against dangerous viruses and malware.

The enterprise endpoint security platform promptly notifies Android and iOS device users at the first hint of a security threat. With this targeted security endeavor, the underlying assumption is that malicious Wi-Fi network breaches will be stopped in their tracks.

With this cyber security protection enabled, customers can relax knowing that they are completely safe from threat actors installing certificates with harmful codes on their devices. Telecom operators will now be able to monitor the main attack vector that hackers use to compromise the majority of Wi-Fi networks.

Mobile Devices Default Protection

According to analytical findings by cyber researchers, the Hak5 Wi-Fi Pineapple tech tool is the main device being used by criminals to victimize Android users. However, it is also the device utilized by ethical hackers, who are hired by most tech companies as pen-testers.

With the Hak5 Wi-Fi Pineapple tool, the real time information gathered from Android and iOS network data can quickly reveal potential threats from criminal hackers. Additionally, with the MDE software enabled; it notifies iOS and Android tech users of intruding open Wi-Fi networks, thereby allowing them to instantly switch to a secured Internet connection.

Microsoft Defender security system is turned on by default on all mobile devices although the company provides thorough installation instructions. Also, Android and iOS users can access the security software tutorial in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

Telecom Resistance to Hacking

According to the tech giant, the rapid development of sophisticated hacking scams used by cyber criminals were taken into account for the Android and iOS security systems. The surface attack on Android and iOS endpoints will be reduced with the advance vulnerability management software.

With access to real-time threat data; it is now possible for IT techs to rapidly analyze, and fix security problems. Now, mobile enterprises have the best available tool to defend against incoming virus attacks perpetrated by criminals.

Microsoft’s Defender for Endpoint for iOS and Android devices is the only cross-platform protection system built to eliminate threats from incoming attacks swiftly. Additionally, it supports and protects workstations, and all computer network servers.

Above all, its MDE protection capabilities let administrators block unmanaged Windows devices, particularly if they noticed that malicious hackers had accessed a company network infrastructure.