MailChimp Hackers Launch Phishing Scam

Global Scam Targets Crypto and Banks

As the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum continues to rise on crypto trading exchanges, hackers have been busy trying to find ingenious ways of stealing highly profitable digital currencies. Now cryptocurrency investors are the newest targets for crypto hacks.

The recent hack of MailChimp’s internal software highlights that email marketing has featured prominently in this phishing scam, where hackers target crypto wallets holding billions of cryptographic currencies. MailChimp’s recent compromise handed hackers the golden key to its email software loaded with a treasure trove of private databases filled with email accounts, which could amount to several million.

According to the premier email marketing firm, the security breach occurred on April 3, 2022, when its team of researchers revealed that a group of hackers had accessed its internal customer support management systems.

With hackers now able to obtain MailChimp’s highly private data, cyber security researchers have warned that the hackers now have at their disposal the tools to carry out and effectively execute enormous worldwide phishing campaigns. The hack has been linked to phishing schemes conducted against users linked to platforms that host cryptocurrency wallets.

Trezor Wallets Fake Hack

With rumors that the cryptocurrency platform, Trezor, which handles millions of bitcoin wallets, had been infiltrated by hackers, the cryptocurrency platform became a trending topic on Twitter.
As a result, the developer of Trezor’s bitcoin wallets issued phishing alerts scams to its customer base regarding the new breach attempt.

The false reporting of a Trezor data breach has been recorded where hackers are tricking wallet owners into resetting their pins through malicious links created by the hackers.

Finance Industry Scams

According to reports, the threat actors sent emails informing Trezor’s users to reset the PINs for their crypto wallets. These emails contain a link to harmful malware when clicked the new PINs are captured on the hackers’ malicious software, which allows them to steal cryptocurrencies.

The data leak, which is becoming a big subject, caused cryptocurrency owners who use the platform to reset their wallet PINs. Trezor was also fast to report the MailChimp phishing scam that targets mostly cryptocurrencies investors.

The event, described as a social engineering assault, was detected on March 26 by the company’s security professionals. However, the security team disclosed that they were able to quickly block the threat actors from further attacks on MailChimp’s support internal administrative tools.

According to BleepingComputer, they contacted MailChimp, who verified that additional financial institutions customers received phishing emails from the hackers. MailChimp also stated that the threat actors misled a number of its workers and acquired their personal information to carry out the cyber security breach on its platform.

MailChimp, for the time being, reported that the threat presented by the cyber criminals has been mitigated, with cyber security analysts responding quickly to shut the accounts hijacked by the deep web hackers. Furthermore, the email software company revealed that its security team had installed extra security precautions to stop further hacks on its platform.