Ukraine Hackers Battle Russia-Belarus

Ukraine and Russian Cyber War Update

The Ukrainian and Russian war has entered nine days, with many casualties including regular Ukrainian civilians and military personnel on both sides of the war. In the meantime, the cyber warfare waged between dark web hackers from Ukraine and Russia continues to rage in cyberspace. And with Belarus added to the mix, the battle online has evolved into one huge cyber warfare.

And as the deadly war wages on the front line, the battle fought by the hackers have been crippling critical infrastructures in these countries. Recently, Ukrainian dark web hackers turned cyber soldiers fighting for their country alongside a global IT Team have been downing some very important Russian websites. Now known as the Ukrainian cyber police, they have claimed that several online government websites and state online portals, which belongs to the enemies have been blocked from accessing the Internet.

The Ukrainian cyber police force

Notably, the offline cyber attacks are centered not only on the Russian state-owned establishment but also Belarus; the country supports Vladimir Putin’s war against its neighbor.

With its announcement of sending troops to back Russia in Ukraine, Belarus is now under attack from Ukraine’s dark web IT Army, where underground hackers from Ukraine have joined forces with global volunteers to launch coordinated hacks on online resources owned by the enemy countries.

Russia and Belarus joined forces

The war that involves Russia and Ukraine is about to become a threesome with Belarus contending that its soldiers and artillery will soon join the ongoing conflict. Now the three countries have dark web hackers engaged on the cyber frontline, inflicting damages to government owned businesses, financial institutions, and prominent infrastructure.

Last Saturday, Ukraine’s “IT Army” was commissioned into existence, whereby cyber-operatives from the embattled country were recruited along with volunteer hackers that span numerous countries.

Critical Websites Knock Offline

So far, the Ukraine team of local and international hackers have been utilizing every weaponry in their arsenal to launch cyber hacks on Belarusian and Russian websites. The coordinated attacks have led to massive data leaks that involve highly ranked government officials in both enemy territories.

The Ukrainian dark web soldiers have announced that they have breached the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the FSB (Federal Security Service). In addition, Russia’s state-owned financial institution: Sberbank.

Cyber security websites confirmed the Ukrainian ‘IT Army’ downing of several important websites, most of which are very pivotal government entities owned by Russia and Belarus.