40 Million T-Mobile Customers Hit By Hackers

Hackers Sell T-Mobile Clients’ Info On The Dark Web

A huge number of current and previous T-Mobile clients have to be monitoring their private information daily. They are the victims of one of the largest hacker attack, the latest cyber-attack of 2021. The data breach happened about a week ago, according to a release from TMobile on August 11, 2021. According to the wireless carrier, the largest security breach on its systems has resulted in the private data of its customers in the hands of criminal hackers.

T-Mobile spokespersons revealed on Tuesday that the hack further involves subtleties to estimated 40 plus million past or newly signed clients inclusive of 7.8 million customers with postpaid accounts. In addition to 850,000 prepaid clients and upwards of 40 million past or imminent clients who’ve recently applied for credit with the wireless communication company.

The massive cyber hack was posted on the company’s website where T-Mobile affirms it was hit by a massive cyber attack carried out by the hackers. T-Mobile confirms it was hit by data breach.

T-Mobile reports that its investigation shows that no financial information was breached by the hackers. However, other private client information stolen includes driver’s license numbers, clients’ names, birth dates and Social Security numbers.

T-Mobile customers that are postpaid are encouraged to change the PINs associated with their accounts to protect themselves from further breaches. However, the company had revealed that there is no evidence that their customers’ account PINs were compromised.

Accounts with compromised PINs belonged to 850,000 customers that are prepaid clients. To circumvent further damages, T-Mobile unilaterally resets its prepaid customer accounts as a precautionary measure.

According to the report, T-Mobile prepaid customers with brands such as MetroPCS, Sprint prepaid and Boost account were not compromised by the cyber security breach.

Most importantly, T-Mobile will monitor affected customers credit for two years to help ward off fraudulent activities. The crippling hack could cause irreparable damages not only to their clients, but to the brand of one of America’s largest wireless companies.

According to the Vice , as of last Sunday T-Mobile customers data were up for sale on the dark web by criminal hackers.